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Below is a list of Dr. Rothenberg’s upcoming events.

Humanized Podcast Interview

On the topic of You Finished Treatment, Now What. Tune in for this delightful Q&A with Dr. Rothenberg. Topics to discuss are how to address symptoms that remain after cancer care is complete and how you can work to change  your internal environment to be less hospitable to the development or return of cancer. Podcast […]


Two Part Lecture by Amy Rothenberg ND, Author of You Finished Treatment, Now What? For the Cancer Connection.

Have you found it difficult to return to health since cancer treatment? Do you suffer from the long term effects of your cancer care? You Finished Treatment, Now What? is a roadmap for lifestyle and natural medicine approaches to address health challenges that persist after cancer treatment, and to reduce the risk of recurrence. Dr. Rothenberg highlights the […]


You Finished Treatment, Now What? For the NYANP Annual Conference

Online by ZOOM

Dr. Rothenberg will share from her new book the key approaches to “mopping up” after conventional cancer care and how to shift the internal environment to be less hospitable to cancer developing or returning. She was also share helpful information for providers to use with their patients as it relates to communication with an oncology […]

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You Finished Treatment, Now What? Book Reading and Talk at ATHLETA, Hadley, MA

ATHLETA 335 Russell Street, Hadley

There is an enormous lack of information for cancer survivors looking to return to their best health.  Dr. Rothenberg will offer information on addressing residual symptoms of cancer and cancer care as well as how to shift your internal environment to help reduce your risk of recurrence. A licensed naturopathic doctor and cancer survivor/thriver herself, Dr. Rothenberg […]

Talk at Seeds of Solidarity Farm in Orange, MA

165 Chestnut Hill Rd, Orange, MA 01364

https://seedsofsolidarity.orgYou Finished Cancer Treatment, Now What? Ten Ideas to Help You Feel Better After Cancer Care Come hear Dr Amy Rothenberg talk about lifestyle and natural medicine approaches to address symptoms left over from cancer care and learn strategies to help prevent recurrence. Seeds of Solidarity website: https://seedsofsolidarity.org

Addressing Health and Outcome Disparities for African American Women with Breast Cancer and an Introduction to Lifestyle & Natural Medicine Approaches for Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors

Online by ZOOM

Dr. Aminah Keats will provide an overview of the disparities that impact African-American women with breast cancer. She will review common elements that contribute to disparities, differences in breast tumor biology, and review important factors to consider when supporting African-American women with breast cancer. Dr. Amy Rothenberg will pick up from there, sharing her own story as […]