• Breakfast

    It remains essential to start our days with a good healthy breakfast. I find it’s a terrific time for high fiber, high protein comfort foods, that set me up for a even-energy, happy day!

  • Desserts

    I always tell patients that the body reflects the habitual, not the occassional. So a treat now and again can be just the thing! We have here some of our favorite desserts, when you just have to have something sweet to finish a meal, lift the spirits or distract you from the toils of the day!

  • Energy Boosters

    Sometimes we just need a little pick-me-up, in the middle of the day or when we need some inspiration for work or play! Try some of these easy recipes to give you that pick you up you need!

  • Main Dishes

    When I make a main dish, I usually plan to make extra, then I have for another dinner or for lunchtime leftovers. Many of the main dishes in our home are vegetarian but we also enjoy the occasional piece of fish or chicken and as it becomes more available meats from locally raised, grass fed animals.

    For more ideas and immune boosing recipes, check out the free e-book download, Winter Weather Foods for Immune Support.

  • Salads and Side Dishes

    Whenever I am planning I meal, I like to have a main star and then one or two co-stars. For lunch or dinner one of these co-stars is usually a salad. The other is often a veggie side dish or a small homemade biscuit or a fruit compote. Check out some of these salads and side dishes to compliment the other food you’re preparing.

  • Snack Attack!

    Sometimes during the day whether working or spending time in nature or with friends or curled up with a good book, a snack is just the thing! And though I encourage my patients to reach for a piece of fruit or a yogurt or maybe some nuts and raisins, sometimes something a little more adventuresome is in order! And we still try to pack a nutritional punch when we can.

  • Soups

    Soup is probably my favorite thing to make. I sometimes start with a recipe in mind, but just as often I look in the fridge and look in the cupboard and decide what I am in the mood for. Like a lot of kinds of foods, these recipes can be taken with a grain of salt. Both literally and figuratively. In other words, I cook without salt but for many salt is the essential ingredient that helps bring many flavors together.But also take these and make them your own. Additional ingredients welcome!

  • Vegetables

    I am always encouraging my patients to eat more dark leafy green vegetables, one of the most nutrient-dense foods you can ingest. Many of us did not grow up eating leafy greens and some even find a big batch of kale or red chard a bit intimidating! What do you do with all that stuff? And why is it so important for me to eat?