I bought this book as a gift for a friend and surreptitiously, barely cracking it open, read straight through the entire book. The stories are captivating. It was truly fascinating to read Amy’s journey in life, tracing the trajectory of life experiences and professional experiences. Her story reveals what kind of Naturopathic Doctor she is and how she approaches her practice. If you have only experienced “regular” primary care physicians, and I have a terrific one, by the time you finish the book you will wish that your doctor was like her. It probably is important to say that I have been seen and treated by Amy and her skill and warmth and intelligence are even better in person! That said, read this book and if you cannot get to Connecticut, where her practice is located, try holding your own doctors to a more encompassing and human standard. As they say, shameless plug for the book and for Dr. Rothenberg, I am clearly a fan! Susan Curewitz Arthen