From the Kitchen of Dr. Amy Rothenberg

With all the encouragement to eat more veggies, I always set a goal for myself of eating 10 veggies a day. One trick is to include a veggie or two with breakfast. I have entirely recategorized which foods go with which meals!

Like this morning, I had scrambled eggs with spinach thrown in and leftover green beans from last night’s dinner. I also get to that 10 by eating one salad a day, where I can knock out 5-6-7 at a time. I love microgreens, grown from any number of veggies, which are delicious, colorful, packed with nutrition and even easy to grow at home. For this salad, I put in a handful of prewashed organic lettuce mix, cut a cuke, then sliced some slender purple carrots to show off their irises, and tossed some pine nuts on top. I drizzle with olive oil and lemon. Total time expenditure, right around two minutes.