You Finished Treatment, Now What? A Field Guide for Cancer Survivors by Dr. Amy Rothenberg is an indispensable roadmap for people who have gone through cancer treatments and find themselves facing a high wall afterward. In most cases, the battle isn’t over after the last day of treatment, as patients lack the proper guidance when it comes to the sustaining phase that involves medication and adapting their lifestyle. As a cancer survivor herself, Rothenberg fills the gap of information to assist cancer survivors to rebuild, restore, and support their well-being. Through integrative oncology, this book is a patient-centered and evidence-informed guide that helps readers explore and maximize mind-body practices, natural products, and lifestyle modification while prioritizing safety and using the best available evidence applicable to your case scenario.

A book that hinges on proven integrative oncology practices keeps you off the internet searching for cancer patient after-treatment care, especially when you have no clue of the validity of the information. Dr. Amy Rothenberg understands that many cancer survivors feel that once treatment stops, they enter a new world. There are no false hopes here, only realistic expectations about complementary approaches to your healing plans. The book isn’t limited to naturopathic remedies, as it has an empathetic voice that gives the kind of support you had while undergoing treatment. As the after-treatment process can be equally challenging, You Finished Treatment, Now What? will help you make important changes in your life. There is every reason to recommend this highly informative guidebook, as it helps cancer survivors get back on track and enjoy their lives.