How do you start a new habit? One idea is to connect to something you already do.

This week I had a follow up visit with a patient I am treating for GERD and anxiety. One piece of my recommendations asked her to integrate 5 minutes of deep, focused, full-belly breathing to her day. We practiced in the office and then cooked up a plan.

One thing she did everyday was to brush and floss her teeth. So, now, each morning after she brushes her teeth, she sits down and sets her phone for 5 minutes and practices her breathing exercises. She loves the discipline of it, Of course, she’s doing many other things to help her GERD and Anxiety, but this was one way for her to start a new habit: connect it to something else she knew she would do every day! #newhabits #GERD #anxiety #naturopathic #survivor #thriver #breastcancer